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Why Buy Fibo Collect?

A Fibo Collect self-service batching plant is a business opportunity that can help you build:


  • Additional revenue streams
  • More market share
  • New customers 
  • New products
  • New services


Enable Your Community

Give contractors and individuals in your community the opportunity to buy competitively priced, quality concrete without creating waste and spill. Use an automated system requiring a limited workforce to create a profitable business for yourself and your customers. Enable your customers to collect concrete when they need it for their projects 24/7.


What is Fibo Collect?

Fibo Collect is an automated concrete batching plant that allows your customer to buy and collect concrete from your premises. The plant can also fill pre-cast moulds and fill drum mixers for your concrete delivery.

Customers are looking for alternative supplies of concrete that are more economical and reliable.

With a Fibo Collect batching plant, your customer can buy concrete at an economical price at any time.

A Fibo Plant has:

  • A high-pressure, automated washing system to clean the mixer after each batch, or at time intervals set by the operator.
  • The washout water can be filtered and reused for new concrete batches. The recycling unit also separates the washed-out aggregates for potential reuse; it saves waste and money.
  • Finance.
  • Fibo Cloud.


Simple to Use

Fibo Collect is very simple to use:

  1. Pay at the store or directly at the plant.
  2. Scan the barcode or use a credit card at the Fibo kiosk.
  3. Fibo Collect makes and then discharges the concrete into your vehicle.
  4. Drive away to your project.


Multiple Opportunities

There are many reasons why a Fibo Collect plant would make a difference in your community:

  • The cost of delivered concrete is rising.
  • Be price competitive for your community.
  • Provide the quality and volume needed.
  • Provide concrete without waste and spill.
  • Reduce CO2 and pollution.
  • Offer 24/7 concrete batching.
  • Create opportunities for local artisans and craftsmen.
  • Work with local recycling yards for aggregates.
  • Combine concrete with your other offerings—UPSALE


1.  Many different recipes

Your customer can select the type and amount of concrete they need from an array of recipes. You decide on the recipes and their names. The system will assist individuals in calculating the correct volumes.

The customers drive their trucks or trailers under the discharge point, pay for the concrete by barcode or credit card and wait for a few minutes while their orders are prepared and delivered.


2.  Payment methods

A Fibo Collect batching plant have multiple payments options. The customers can pay with a credit card at the terminal or they can pay in the store and get a barcode to collect the concrete or you can offer an account with an RFID tag to customers collecting concrete on regularly basis.

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3. Dirty Water Recycling

The Fibo Collect batching plant can be supplied with an environmental concrete washout unit.

Waste concrete and cement washout water can have a high alkaline pH up to 12 and 15. Untreated, this level of alkaline can burn skin and is harmful to the ecosystem. The pH value depends on many local factors. If you have problems with high pH an pH reducing unit can be added to the washoput unit.

Focusing on the environmental standard ISO 140001, the Fibo Collect washout unit delivers the ideal solution to concrete washout disposal. 

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4. Mixer Pan Cleaning Systems

Keeping your plant clean will give it a long life and deliver a greater return on your investment.

Stay safe. Opening the hatch and climbing inside a mix to clean it requires the highest level of training. The Health and Safety Confined Working Regulations are in place to reduce both short and long-term injuries.

We have three options for the pan cleaner.

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5. Layout Options

We have standard plant setups for sector types:

Quarry or Aggregate Recycling Business. You may already own crushers and washing plants and want to add value to the aggregates you produce. You can see the potential to make more profit by selling concrete and concrete products to the construction supply chain. 

Retail Builders Merchant. You already buy sand, aggregates and cement, and have a large customer base that buys concrete from ready mix plants. You can see the opportunity to take some of this market share by selling high-quality concrete in small quantities to your customer base. 

Entrepreneurs. You may be looking for an opportunity in your geographical area where you can sell ready-mix concrete and pre-cast concrete products to construction contractors in your area. A Fibo Collect solution is ideal for developing a new business.

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6. Data storage and data exchange

The Fibo Collect software controls the whole process from stock control of input material to delivering the concrete into the customer’s trailer. Fibo Link allows all the data from every batch to be stored in the cloud. All data are stored orderwise and you can import the CSV data to other programs and create the print you need or share the csv based data with other programs. 

Learn about data output here>>


Different Opportunities For Different Sectors


Retail Builders Merchants

As a builder’s merchant, you are already buying aggregates, sand and cement in bulk. Add a concrete batching plant, and you can now sell ready-mix concrete to your existing customer base, taking market share away from ready-mix concrete suppliers. A Fibo Collect solution is ideal for adding new income streams, more significant market share, new customers, and adding profit to your bottom line.


Aggregate Recycling Contractors

The circular economy allows us to use old materials and re-use them in construction, saving natural resources. Crushing demolished concrete, treating and using old road surfaces, and using the aggregates in new concrete is economical. When the crushing and concrete is produced on the same site, the carbon saving is significant. A Fibo Collect solution is ideal for creating new products, services, customers and income streams.


Quarry Owners

If your quarry is close to a local community, make concrete for customers to collect or deliver using a drum mixer. A Fibo Collect solution is ideal to develop new precast concrete products, new ready-mix business, adding greater value to your aggregates, and new customers.



You may be looking for an opportunity in your geographical area where you can sell ready-mix concrete and pre-cast concrete products to construction contractors in your area. A Fibo Collect solution is ideal for developing a new business.


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