Dirty Water Recycling

Learn how you can recycle the waste washout concrete from cleaning your plant

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Fibo Collect – Dirty Water Recycling

Concrete Washout

The Fibo Collect batching plant can be supplied with an environmental concrete washout unit.

Waste concrete and cement washout water have a high alkaline pH between 12 and 14. Untreated, this level of alkaline can burn skin and is harmful to the ecosystem.

Focusing on the environmental standard ISO 140001, the Fibo Collect washout unit delivers the ideal solution to concrete washout disposal. 

The washout unit is positioned under a second pan mixer discharge gate. When the pan mixer and plant are cleaned, all cement wash water and waste concrete are discharged into the Fibo washout unit.


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How it Works and Options

Option 1 – Filter sack and one settlement chamber: low volume.

  • Washout concrete and cement water are discharged from the pan mixer into the Fibo washout hopper.
  • The sand, stone and cement fines are retained within a geotextile de-watering sack. The cement particles are allowed to hydrate. The water is allowed to pass through the sack.
  • After the cement fines have settled, the treated water is discharged and reused as dosing water.


Option 2 – Filter sack and three settlement chambers: high volume.


Option 3 – Filter sack, three settlement chambers, a Ph monitoring and carbon dioxide dosing unit high volume and pH management.

  • A pH monitor checks the water for its pH level. If the pH is high, carbon dioxide is dosed into the water to reduce the pH levels.
  • After the cement fines have settled, the treated water with a low pH level is discharged to be used as dosing water or allowed to drain away.

The Washout unit has two sections. The first section contains the geotechnical bag that holds back the sand, aggregate and cement particles.

The second section contains water weirs that allow water to flow over several weirs where the suspended solids can fall and settle, leaving clean water to flow out of the plant.

The clean and treated water is then pumped back into the water storage tanks within the batching plant for reuse.

When the geotechnical bags are full, they are lifted out of the washout unit for disposal. The concrete can be put through a crusher and reused.



  • simple to set up
  • simple to use
  • separates solids from liquid
  • retains solids in sack 
  • sack holds up to 50 washes
  • small, robust system.

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