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Keeping your plant clean will give it a long life and deliver a greater return on your investment.


Stay Safe

Opening the hatch and climbing inside a mix to clean it requires the highest level of training. The Health And Safety Confined Working Regulations are in place to reduce both short and long-term injuries.

Why take the risk? Fibo Collect has three wash and clean systems that eliminate the risk of injury, reduce maintenance costs and give your Fibo Collect batching plant a longer life.


Two Pan Mixer Dispatch Gates

The standard 1200 pan mixer comes with two dispatch gates. One gate dispatches mixed concrete onto the conveyor, and the other is used to clean the plant. The three methods to clean the pan mixer are:

  1. gravel and water pan washing
  2. manual high-pressure jet cleaning
  3. high-pressure v-jet cleaning system.


Gravel and Water Pan Washing

The Fibo Collect batching plant can be programmed to clean the pan mixer at any time—at the end of each batching session, for example. 

Gravel is dosed into the pan mixer and washed around the mixer with water. The abrasive action of the gravel cleans the pan mixer. The washed and waste gravel is then discharged into a bin under the cleaning dispatch gate for removal.


Manual High-Pressure Jet Cleaning

The manual high-pressure jet clean is the same as that which is in general use. The water comes from the clean water tank that passes through the high-pressure unit.

You can give the pan a clean every few batches to ensure the concrete does not harden and then give it a good clean at the end of each shift.


High-pressure V-Jet Cleaning System

4 V-Jet nozzles are built into the mixer arms with an external high-pressure pump.

After each batch, you can press the wash button, and the washer will run for 90 seconds.

The spray nozzles are placed on the rotating paddle mixer arms. When the washer is in operation, it will clean the concrete from the sides and bottom of the mixer. The washer is 90% efficient, leaving only a small amount of concrete. The mixer will still have to be cleaned at the end of the day, but it is much easier as the wash system keeps the pan moist.

The water source comes from the fresh water tank built into the batching plant.

NOTE: The machine must not stand still for more than 20 minutes; otherwise, the concrete will harden and cannot be washed clean.


  • 50 Bar pressure 
  • 5.5 kW
  • 100-litre pr. Wash (90-sec wash) 


Automatic Washing V Manuel Washing Video

Time Costs Money

Hand washing the pan mixer takes 405 seconds, and the automated high-pressure washer takes 90 seconds. Hand washing therefore takes 4.5 times longer than automated high pressure washing. Over a month, this can add up to a lot of time and cost.


Longer Life Span and Cost Reduction

When the concrete hardens inside a mixer, a demolition hammer can damage the motor’s paddles, bearing, and gearbox. It can be very labour intensive and costs in both lost production and operating costs. The benefits of using one of our automated washout systems are:

  • No need for a person to go into the mixer
  • Reduced safety risk
  • Safe operation of the plant
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Longer running life of the batching plant
  • Improved return on investment
  • The plant keeps a value


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