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In times of recession, every construction company is looking for ways to save money. One way to do this is by streamlining the concrete mixing process through the use of special concrete technology.

Yorkshire’s First Drive-Through For Concrete, Mortar & Screed Collections Set To Make Its Grand Debut In Calverley!

Local independent business, Palmer Landscapes will be Yorkshire’s first organisation to unveil a fully automated batching plant from its Calverley site later this year.

 3D concrete printing, also known as 3DCP or concrete additive manufacturing, is a revolutionary technology that has gained significant attention in the construction industry.

This innovative approach enables the direct fabrication of complex concrete structures using computer-controlled deposition techniques. Since its inception, 3D concrete printing has shown tremendous potential for enhancing construction efficiency, reducing material waste, and enabling the creation of novel architectural designs. In this article, we will explore the current status of 3D concrete printing, highlighting recent advancements and discussing its promising future.

Business Cases

Nyborg Sørensen

Owning their own batching plant allows Nyborg Sørensen to optimize their daily planning by producing concrete whenever and wherever without being dependent on and waiting for concrete to be delivered.


ByggBröderna is a civil engineering and building company in Sweden and is led by JAN-ÅKE KJELLER. 

Marine Concrete Batching

Producing concrete can be a challenge. When concrete is needed on a remote Island the challenge can be even more difficult to work out.Sjöliv Markentreprenader AB found a very good solution.


Pelican Self Storage is one of the world’s first buildings made from recycled concrete. It has set new standards for sustainable construction and handling of construction waste. 

Community Construction

Learn how a community in Iceland build construction projects using Fibo Intercon batching plant

Circular Economy

The circular economy is one of the biggest challenges, as well as one of the most exciting opportunities for business today.

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concrete batching plant brochure pdf
concrete batching plant brochure pdf

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