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On Site Concrete Mixing

On-Site Concrete Construction Sectors

Several construction sectors can take advantage of on-site concrete batching. They include:

  • Road Construction
  • Bridge construction
  • Slip Form Construction
  • Concrete Flooring Construction
  • Foundation Construction
  • Concrete Costs

Why site batch concrete?

There are economic and environmental advantages of batching your concrete on site.


Concrete on Demand

Construction programs can be aggressive. Being able to pour the quantity of concrete exactly when you want it can be a challenge using outsourcing, especially on large inner-city projects where traffic can hold things up. 


Remote Locations

Not all construction projects are close to a ready-mix plant. Site batching in these cases is the only way. Some examples of remote sites are wind farms, road construction, bridge construction.



Batching your concrete saves a lot of waste. You only need to produce the quantity you require. The concrete is always fresh as it does not have to spend an hour or two in a drum mixer during transportation.  



You are in control of your concrete quality. No more arguments with your ready-mix supplier when a batch has a poor test result. You can run through your batch data to make sure the mix was compliant.


Control of Supply Chain

With good stock control, you can ensure all the materials required for any pour is in stock and ready to go. You can control the material supply chain to gain greater efficiencies.


Waiting Time

If you have a delay on-site for any reason during the pour, you can control the demand. This saves a lot of waiting time charges from an outsourced supply.


Reduce carbon in construction

If you can design the concrete to be used on the site using alternative cement types such as GGBS and PFA, a substantial amount of carbon can be saved. For example, for every tonne of OPC cement being replaced by GGBS, 850kg of carbon is saved. On large projects, the carbon saving from cement replacement can be substantial.


Reduced Carbon Footprint

By looking at the supply chain of concrete materials, you can reduce the transport miles for concrete production. The more transport miles saved, the more carbon you save.


Control of concrete waste

A concrete batching plant with its own dirty water and concrete waste management system will allow you to recycle all concrete waste.


Circular Economy

If your project includes the demolition of existing concrete structures, the concrete can be crushed and made new. This process supports the circular economy by recycling old materials and converting them into new products.


On-Site Concrete Batching Plant

Fibo Intercon has developed the T2200. The T2200 is a fast response mobile concrete batching plant. The plant is mounted on a trainer and also included a 30-tonne horizontal cement silo on a trailer. 

Running a fleet of T2200 concrete batching plants gives you the ability to pour from 300 m3 per day to 1,800 m3 per day. The capability and flexibility allow for peak output on any construction site.


Peak Output

Peak output is the largest pours on a construction site. It is normal that only one to four pours are very high. It does not make sense to build a batching plant on site for peak demand when it is only used for a few odd days. It makes more sense to send in more T2200 batching plants that can deal with the peak demand then move onto other sites.

We are trusted  by more than 700 owners of concrete mobile batching plants all over the world
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Most Popular Concrete Batching Plant to View

The batching plants below are our best sellers. The F2200 has an output of between 30 and 45m3/hr and when the plant is doubled up it can deliver between 60 to 90 m3/hr. The B1800 is very popular mobile batching plant. The output of the B1800 is between 20 to 30m3 per hour. The B1200 is very similar to the B1800. The output of the B1200 is between 10 to 16m3 per hour. As you can you have a great range to have a look at.


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