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We have the batching plant products to meet your requirements. From mobile, semi mobile, stationary and a large range of equipment for your concrete solutions.

Batching Plant Products

Select Batching Plants to view the list below. Take a look at our Best SELLING Batching plant. We explain how to get the best value from your concrete production. We have a large selection on batching plant products from mobile batching plant, semi mobile batching plant, stationary batching plant. Take a look at our rent a batching plant solution and if we have any used batching plant products.


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Precast Concrete System Products

We have been building precast concrete element machines for over seventy years. The elements include precast panels for modular house and multi story construction. Precast concrete floor slab production. Lightweight concrete block manufacturing and many other types of precast machinery.

You can tap into our knowledge base by reviewing our product pages and then calling us. We have a basement full of information and plant we have built over the years.

Some of the items we manufacture are:

  • Floor slabs
  • Concrete scrap wagon
  • Stacking crane
  • Concrete Spreaders
  • Vibrating roller plant
  • Concrete surface finishers
  • Lightweight concrete block maker


Bulk Handling Plant Products

We manufacture a range of concrete transportation machinery including:

Concrete Conveyors

Our concrete conveyor systems have been manufactured to ensure fast, automatic and safe transportation of concrete from the mixing unit to the casting location.

We supply mono or duo-rail concrete conveyor systems – also with curves and points.

The concrete bucket is available in several standard sizes with bottom gate or rotational emptying.

The conveyor carriage is delivered with a frequency-controlled speed which gives high speeds as well as soft starting and stopping.

Busbar system in closed synthetic profiles or with flat cable suspended in rail carriages

Overhead Cranes

The concrete bucket can be lowered and used for spreading and levelling concrete. It can also be rotated 360 degrees for spreading over doors and windows.

We build the concrete cranes on order.