Concrete Batching Plant

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Concrete Batching Plant

Our batching plant deliver a large range of concrete production requirements. Go to our concrete solution page to learn how our batching plant solves many concrete production problems.

We manufacture a large range of batching plants to suit many needs and market sectors including on site construction, recycling aggregates and concrete production, selling concrete to contractors and the public and pre-cast concrete manufacturing.

We also manufacture a range of special concrete batching plants including cold weather (-40 deg C). Hot weather concrete batching plants (+40 deg C) and recycling concrete plants where we make concrete from spoil.

The hot weather plant uses ice to cool down the aggregate and water. We also have a dosing plant where we mix the sand, cement and aggregate only. The mix is loaded into drum mixes and water is added on site. this keeps the initial setting time controllable with the heat.

The cold weather plant is built in a container where the aggregates and water are heated.

Our recycling plant is ideal for trench excavation for utility services under roads. The excavated material is sorted and made into a lean mix concrete for the bed and surround of the pipe work. This saves a lot of disposal cost.

Our best selling batching plant is the F2200. This is a semi mobile batching plant. The F2200 is very popular with our recycling customers. It had four hoppers that can be used for recycling materials, sand and stone. Due to the output of the F2200 some of our customer recycle in the morning and cast precast concrete in the afternoon.

The B1200 and B1800 mobile batching plants are also very popular. The flexibility and mobility of the B1200 and B1800 deliver great plant utilisation and profit.


We also manufacture a range of special batching plants: