Batching Plant Finance

Introducing Fibo FINANCE


Fibo FINANCE – A New Method of Batching Plant Finance



No Payments for Twelve months


Return on investment less than twelve months


A positive cashflow


How it Works

  1. You want to buy plant from Fibo Intercon and want 12 months credit.
  2. Fibo Finance is able to provide credit if you can be approved by EKF for an SMV guarantee.
  3. Approval needs credit assessment – audited annual reports 3 years back.
  4. When approved documents have to be filled and signed. The credit is normally documented by Bills of Exchange.
  5. Delivery of order as agreed.
  6. You will make payment 12 month from delivery.

Expected time schedule from application start to final documentation and approval depends on country – 4 weeks is the norm.

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From €50,000 to €3,300,000

Fibo Batching plant has a return on investment between 6 and 12 months.

No payments for 12 months allowing the plant to generate the cash to pay for itself.

Project values from €50,000 to €3,300,000

Finance your project – Buy moulds, cement silos, bucket loaders and concrete batching plant.

Everything you need to set up a new business for pre-cast, on-site and remote site concrete production.

Fibo Finance is a great way to grow and build your business.

Great for:

  • Sweating the machine to earn money to pay for itself.
  • No need to borrow or use your own capital.
  • Having a positive cashflow and owning your new plant.
  • Great to finance all your construction plant for a project.
Batching Plant Finance

Other Methods of Batching Plant Finance

Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase is a business sense is not dissimilar to HP you may have entered into for your vehicle.

To Hire Purchase one of our machines you agree to buy the machine at the end of an agreed period, and part paying in the interim. You will own the machine once you have made the final payment.

An upside to HP is that because you will own the asset, there are write-offs which can be applied to your accounts which could be beneficial. On the downside, VAT will be payable at the full purchase price (and is normally required to be covered by a funder).

Great for:

  • People who want to own the machine
  • Low fixed initial payments (VAT free)
  • Payments can be offset against company profits


Finance Lease

With a finance lease, you have all the benefits of ownership without the downside.

In effect, you share the asset with the funder. They will buy the asset for you and you will use it like it’s your own. At the end of the lease period, you either agree to continue the lease or the machine is sold where you share in the profits from the sale.

The machine will be part of your books and accounts enabling you to obtain tax and ownership benefits.

Great for:

  • People who want to own the machine
  • Low initial outlay
  • Payments can be offset against company profits


Operating Lease

Operating leases effectively enable you to borrow the machine from a funder for a shorter period of time than is usual with a finance lease or HP. The arrangements also enable seasonal payment terms which is ideal for construction businesses who tend to have a slower winter period.
With no or minimal upfront costs, ongoing monthly costs tend to be higher than other types of financing but offer flexibility and no ownership responsibilities (but we know you’d treat someone else’s property as your own).

Great for:

  • Flexibility
  • Shorter-term commitments
  • No initial outlay
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