Concrete Batching Plant Software

Our new concrete batching plant software is state of the are. With two years development the software is the best in the market for mobile batching plants.

NEW Concrete Batching Plant Software – Fibo LINK

Introducing Fibo LINK – Stay in control of your concrete production reduce operational cost, improve productivity and make more money.

Fibo LINK is state of the art cloud-based concrete batching plant control system. It has been developed over a two-year period from consulting with concrete mix design and quality assurance professionals.

The software controls the batching process of the fibo concrete batching plant with the added benefits of sending all the data from each batch to the cloud database.

This means the data is safe, it can be used for automating documentation, improving productivity, delivering live quality control and lots more.

All our batching plant now comes with the new software

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  • Remote control and data input
  • Quality tolerance and maintenance alerts
  • GPS location for hired out plant
  • Cloud storage of data
  • Stock control of materials
  • Instant production data on your mobile
  • Fibo engineering can log on and give you instant support


Extended Warranty

We can additionally offer you an extended warranty of three years when you buy Fibo Link.

The extended warranty will give you peace of mind that your batching plant will produce concrete revenues with the minimum maintenance.

Fibo batching plants are built using the best materials and equipment on the market for a design life in excess of fifteen years.

The three year period will ensure you are totally satisfied with the plant.

Concrete Batching Plant Software

Change Recipes Easier Than Ever!

Fibo Link makes access to your batching plant very simple.

With Fibo Link you can change your mix recipe without having to leave your office. The changes can be made by Fibo Link using the internet.

This means you can control your batching plant where ever you have internet access. You can access it from your PC, Pad or Mobile.

The Fibo Link can also make changes to other plant settings using the same technology.

Fibo Link holds up to 50 concrete mix receipts. Changing from a 15 kN mix to a 40 kN mix and from 1 m3 to 100 m3 of concrete production can be made using your mobile.

Concrete Batching Plant Software

Preventive Maintenance

Plan your services to fit your schedule and minimise the downtime!

Advanced calculations, collection of data and the expertise in Fibo Intercon makes us able to calculate when critical components needs to be changed.

Fibo Link will message you when service is needed, and is able to minimise production stops based on faulty equipment.

With Fibo Service + you get a tool kit and two spare part kits. This makes services and maintenance easy. Fibo batching plant is very reliable having been constructed from the best material and equipment of the market.

We pride ourselves that we manufacture and sell the best quality batching plant in the world.

Your batching plant will still be making you profit after fifteen years. We have plant in operation over twenty five years old and still making their owners profit.

Concrete Batching Plant Software

Live Quality Control

Fibo Link continuously measures the concrete mix tolerances and sends out quality alerts. When a material, for example, the cement goes out of tolerance, Fibo Link sends you an alert on your mobile, pad or PC.

This means you can quickly adjust the batch by adding more cement, sand, aggregate or water to get the batch back into tolerance.

This live interaction can save you thousands of euros in lost or rejected concrete from customers.

With a typical waste of 10% from rejected concrete this a cost of €100,000 for every 10,000 m3 of produced concrete.

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Stock Control

Never run out of sand, cement, aggregates, chemicals again.

Downtime is expensive, and some downtime is due to running out of materials.

With Fibo Link you can input your delivery of raw materials into the system.

Fibo Link with deduct materials being used from stock and will send you an alert when you have a minimum stock level.

This means you will never run out of material that will cause downtime and loss of revenue from running out of stock.

Concrete Batching Plant Software

Automatic Documentation And Storage

The documentation of production is an expensive administration cost that can be eliminated using Fibo Link. With Fibo Link all the batching data is stored in the cloud database. The program can insert data fields into standard documentation and automatically send a certification document to the customer via e-mail. The information the customer can receive is:

  • Date and time of batch
  • Batch mix name
  • Quantities of materials batched
  • Operators Name
  • Customers Name
  • Delivery Address

Did you know that according to EN/BS standards, data of every batch has to be saved in minimum 6 years. With Fibo Link the data and documentation are stored in the cloud and can be re-called any anytime and is stored more than 6 years so you have the data you need.

A great benefit of the stored data is you can see data trends over time. This allows you to optimise your production over time improving productivity continuously.

All data collected from the batching plant is stored in the cloud. If some- thing happens to the computer located in the batching plant, the plant is stolen, it’s hit by lightning or any other similar occurrence your data is safe.

Never have it been easier to document concrete production!

Concrete Batching Plant Software

Service Reminder

Service is important to extend the lifetime of your batching plant.

Fibo Intercon has well-serviced machines that are over 25 years old and are still making good profits for their owners.

Service reminders are built in the software. The service reminders are setup in accordance with the plant manual. This means you will not forget to service your batching plant, giving to continued production with low downtime.

The value of your batching plant will be much higher if you service it in accordance with the manual.

Concrete Batching Plant Software

Off-site Support

Our service engineers at Fibo Intercon are always ready to help you if needed.

With Fibo Link, the engineers are able to access the batching plant remotely for a fast diagnosis and possible fix of the problem. Minimise your downtime and uncertainty in the start-up period.

With the service+ package, the first 15 hours of support is included.

Our engineers can also help you optimise your production over time using the data from Fibo Link.

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Security For Manager

As a manager, you want to know what has been produced and the qual- ity that has been produced. Fibo Link gives you total control of what the batching plant has been producing.

If faults occur or the quality of the batch is not within the tolerances, you will receive a message so you are able to react fast. The feature makes long distance management easy because you always know what is go- ing on!

You have a GPS inside the batching plant. The GPS allows you to see and track the position of the batching plant. If you are managing more than one mobile batching plant, the location of the plant can help you optimise your production and plant utilisation.

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