Mobile Batching Plants

Mobile batching plants provides you with maximum flexibility

Mobile batching plants provides you with excellent flexibility. Mobile batching plants from fibo intercon are produced in several variants, ensuring that we are always able to cover your specific requirements.


Capacity: 20-45M3/hour



Capacity: 10-45M3/hour



Capacity: 10-45M3/hour


Mobile Batching Plants


Capacity: 3 – 45M3/hour



Capacity: 3-45M3/hour

TF1200 Truck

Capacity: 30-60M3/hour
Mobile batching plant assembled on a common twin-axle step frame.


For batching plants
The mobile batching plants shown can be combined with equipment such as aluminium belt conveyors, cement silos and cement augers.


Capacity: 10-45M3/hour



Capacity: 10-45M3/hour



About Mobile Batching Plant

Mobile batching plant is built on a chassis with wheels. This allows the plant to be easily transported from site to site. This has many advantages including:

  • Improvement of productivity
  • Maximising utilisation
  • Reducing the payback period

The plant is designed to be set up and ready for production within a few hours. Concrete demand on construction sites vary. By moving the plant from site to site you can maximise your concrete production.

We also manufacture mobile cement silos that can also be transported from site to site.

Our plant does not need any site civil engineering, for example ramps, or walls to site the plant on. The plant can be used on a level ground. This again speeds up setting up times.

Our Range of Plant include:

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