Mobile batching plant B1200 CC


12 – 18M³/hour


1200 L (gross) – 800 L (net)

Water tank

250 L

Load cells

3 x 2000 kg


The batching plant may be combined with the following equipment:

B1200 CC for certified concrete


The Mobile Batching Plant B1200 CC(certified concrete) has a capacity of 12-18 M³/h.

It is the best available solution on the market, in regards to high flexibility and accuracy, higher capacity in comparison to its previous versions with a pre-weighing concrete sytem and faster loading of aggregates, higher performance and efficiency at optimized batching speed.

The batching plant is assembled on a joint twin-axle bogie trailer.

The mobile batching plant B1200 CC (certified concrete) is a profitable investment which will, in a very short period of time, pay for itself and return on a profit.


The batching plant can be delivered  with the following options:

  • Enlarged silo sides for the hopper
  • Integrated hopper for one type of aggregate
  • Pre-weighing of cement
  • Additive pump
  • Water heater
  • Air compressor
  • Vibrators
  • Toolbox
  • Remote contro


Mobile Batching Plant B1200 CC
Mobile Batching Plant B1200 CC
Mobile Batching Plant B1200 CC


Fibo intercon is currently a leading, international manufacturing company with approx. 35 employees and a representative network in several countries. We develop, manufacture and deliver mobile, semi-mobile and stationary batching plants as well as production equipment and complete production systems.

The key




The frequency regulator system for the conveyor belt and auger ensures the accuracy of the loading, in compliance with the requirements specified by EN 206-1 (EU) / CSA (Canada) / AS 1379 – 2007 (Australia) concrete standards.


Fulfill requirements

The flow meters for water and aggregates fulfil the requirements related to accuracy specified by EN 206-1 / CSA / AS 1379 – 2007.


Prevent leakage

The closing valve on the water tank prevents leakage.


Maximized capacity

Maximized capacity with pre-weighing of cement.


Faster dosing

Maximized capacity with a faster dosing of the aggregates


Frequency control

The frequency control of the pan mixer motor provides the possi bility to choose the optimal batching speed for any concrete type, as well as being possible to choose a lower speed, in order to keep a homogeneous batching over a longer period of time.

Return on investment

Our machines and equipment have a very short pay back period. Let us calculate your return on investment – For free.