Mobile Batching Plant B2200


25 – 45m³/hour


2200 L (gross) – 1500 L (net)

Water tank

400 L

Load cells

3 x 5000 kg

B2200 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Mobility and Output of The B2200 Batching Plant

The B2200 is our most popular batching plant. It is flexible and can be set up and producing concrete within a day. No civil engineering is required. You can place it on flat ground, and away you go. The plant comes with our latest Fibo LINK Software. Fibo LINK gives you complete visibility of the plant and stock levels of all aggregates.

Fibo LINK can save you thousands of euros in material and time-related waste.

With an output between 25 to 45m³ per hour for the B2200, the payback period can be between six to twelve months, making it a money-making machine.

I fact you are far better putting your money in an B2200 concrete batching plant than buying shares. The plant is reliable, and we have plant still making their owners profit, that is over twenty-five years old. The plant keeps its value, and we have a buyback deal when you want to upgrade or move it on.



Compact, mobile batching plant with a capacity of 25-45 m³/h.

The batching plant is assembled on a joint twin-axle bogie trailer.

Agitator pan mixer. Integrated twin hopper for 2 types of aggregate. 2 separate feed belts. Water supply. Load cells. Dosing equipment and control unit with batching computer.

The standard B2200 is delivered with a high-pressure cleaner.



The batching plant can be delivered with the following options:

  • Enlarged silo sides for hoppers
  • Integrated hopper for one type of aggregate
  • Additional hopper for aggregates
  • Pre-weighing of cement
  • Additive pump
  • Water heater
  • Air compressor
  • Vibrators
  • Toolbox
  • Remote control


The batching plant may be combined with the following equipment:

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B2200 Typical Layout Designs

Urban Construction

The layout above is a single B1800 general set up for producing concrete to sell to contractors. Large ready-mix companies purchase the B1800 to set up concrete production on construction sites. They also use them for out of town contracts where the plant can be set up and taken down within a day.

Main contractors buy or hire the B1800 for mixing on-site concrete on medium sized constructions sites. Concrete material can be brought in out of hours and traffic congestion. This means concrete production does not help up on site and concrete can be produced on demand.

The B1800 is an ideal batching plant for large slip form operations where the demand for concrete is 24/7

For continuous pouring security two B1800 batching plants can be hooked together as below.

Inner City Slip Form

Slip form requires a constant supply of high quality concrete without disruption.

A single B1800 can produce 20/30 m3 per hour. Two B1800 can double this or the second machine act as security for a breakdown.

When the demand for concrete goes up two B1800 can be used together. 40/60 m3 per hour can be produced which equates to 1200 m3 per twenty four hour continuous concrete pour.


Fibo intercon is the leading international mobile batching plant manufacturing company. We pride ourselves as being a world class company. With over 35 employees and a representative network in many countries. We develop, manufacture and deliver mobile, semi-mobile and stationary batching plants as well as production equipment and complete production systems.

The key



Great economy



Highly flexible and mobile solution



Easy to erect and make ready for production



Integrated operating system with a dosing accuracy of +/- 1-2 %



The operating system requires no previous knowledge and can be delivered with the language version desired


Low operating costs


Draw hook

Dismountable draw hook to prevent theft



Easy to clean, maintain and service