Mobile Concrete Batching Plant on legs, with 2 hoppers

FS-model (3 – 45m³)

Mobile concrete batching plant on legs

Our FS-model is a mobile concrete batching plant on legs, designed to offer the end user a very productive, reliable and cost-effective piece of equipment. It is the best choice for temporary site projects or stationary locations.

The difference between the FS-model and the F-model is the FS-model has two aggregate bins whereas the F-model has four. Both the F- and FS-model are mounted on legs.

For different expectations,
different solutions 

In other words, Fibo Intercon batching plants are able to supply all expectations of customers.

Due to different types of concrete needs in different fields, Fibo Intercon has several options that are suitable for different concrete applications according to customers’ needs and technical requirements.

Technical specification FS-models

Our product range of FS-models is comprised of four types of different capacities 500, 1200, 1800 and 2200 Liters.

The FS-model is a mobile concrete batching plant on legs with 2 hoppers. Built on a solid frame, with legs. The batching plant features different size mixers, very precise dosing, and many options to produce any kind of concrete required.

As a result, Fibo Intercon mobile batching plant will precisely produce the required amount of concrete, without waste of time or materials.


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