Detail photos

Bogie trailer

Joint triple-axle bogie in a welded steel frame with turn able front axle. The draw hook can be dismounted and thus helps to prevent theft. The trailer also has a parking brake.

Pan mixer

Pan mixer in steel with an internal lining of replaceable, sectioned wearing plates and Hardox steel-plate bottom and enclosure. Equipped with a gear motor for optimised effect, automatic radial opening, inlet for cement auger and inspection hatches.


Two integrated twin hoppers for 2 x 2 types of aggregate. Each hopper holds 2 x 2.4 M³. Made in all-welded steel plate with reinforced corners. 2 x 2 separate feed belts for dosing of aggregates.

Mixing arms and side scrapers

Adjustable mixing arms and side scrapers in steel and hard PVC. Equipped with safety bolts to prevent large stones from seriously damaging the mixing arms.

Load cells

The pan mixer is placed on three 5000 kg electronic load cells with an accuracy of +/- 0.5 %.

Operating system with thermal printer

Possibility of manual, semi-automatic and automatic operation and PC interface. No previous knowledge required and can be delivered with the language version desired. Stores 60 recipes. Dosing accuracy: +/- 0,5-2 %.


Possibility of manual, semi-automatic and automatic discharge. Complete with overload protection and position sensor.


Parallel dosing of water and aggregates for reduced cycle time and pan mixer wear and reduced energy consumption.


The standard M2200 is delivered with additive pump and high-pressure cleaner, while the air compressor is optional.

Return on investment

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