Recycling Plant

RC1800 (10 – 20m³)

Recycling Plant

Cost-effective recycling of trench materials

This mobile recycling plant is designed to reuse up to 90% of the excavated material from underground utility networks and road works.

The integrated separator crushes and sorts the excavated material. All stones and fragments larger than 40 mm are separated from the other material. The crushed and screened material is then transported to the mixer, where it is mixed with cement and water before the finished mix is pumped back into the trench or transported to the desired location. 


Technical Specification Recycling Plant

The recycling plant is an extremely flexible solution. It is ideal for working in urban environments and places with limited space. It is also easy to set up and prepare for production. 

The recycling plant is a profitable investment that quickly pays for itself and provides a return. It keeps the cost of transport and new materials to a minimum, as the excavated material can be used directly on the construction site. 

The recycling plant is designed to comply with CE standards and regulations

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