Detail photos

Swap load

The batching plant is constructed on a container frame assembled on a swap load. The standard F2250 is delivered with mechanically controlled legs. Optional hydraulically legs can be delivered.

Counterflow mixer

Counterflow mixer with bottom and enclosure wearing plates in Hardox steel. Equipped with gear motor for optimised effect, hydraulic opening, inlet for cement auger and inspection hatches. Delivered complete with air bag for pressure equalisation and minimisation of dust.

Mixing arms and mixing shovels

The mixer is equipped with two robust mixing arms, turn able mixing shovels and side scraper.

Pre-weighing of cement

Pre-weighing of cement assembled in a complete frame construction. Equipped with three 2000 kg load cells, inlet for cement auger, vibrator and pneumatically operated discharge gate.

Inlet funnel

Inlet funnel for reception and dosage of aggregates into the mixer.


Possibility of manual, semi-automatic and automatic discharge. Complete with overload protection and position sensor.


Parallel dosering of water and aggregates for reduced cycle time and pan mixer wear and reduced energy consumption.

Cabin for control

Fully insulated cabin with steel walls. Equipped with window, door, radiator and lighting. The cabin also houses the batching plant’s Siemens operating system.

Operating system with thermal printer

Possibility of manual, semi-automatic and automatic operation and PC interface. No previous knowledge required and can be delivered with the language version desired. Stores 60 recipes. Dosing accuracy: +/- 0,5-2 %.

Generating set

Generating set with power generator, integrated diesel tank and control panel. Mounted in a sound-absorbing cabinet.

Installation for cleaning of tools

Installation for high-pressure cleaning of tools. The installation is delivered with pump, sand trap, filter and return flow for water tank.


The batching plant is delivered complete with two additive pumps, air compressor and high-pressure cleaner.

Return on investment

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