Fibo Collect Batching Plant

Semi Mobile Batching Plant F2200

Environmentally Designed  

Fibo collect batching plants have been design to keep the environment clean and safe. The plant has a built in washing plant to separate cement dirty water from the sand and aggregates and then to reuse the dirty water in the next batch.

Semi Mobile Batching Plant F2200

Self Cleaning

To save time and ensure every batch is to the highest quality the pan mixer has a high pressure self cleaning function. When water is being dosed to make a batch it is dosed through the high pressure cleaning system cleaning the pan from the previous batch and dosing the next batch.  

Semi Mobile Batching Plant F2200

Washing Plant

The washing plant is an integral part of the batching plant. All unused concrete from batching and cleaning goes into the washing plant from a separate pan mixer gate on the opposite side of the batching gate. 

Concrete Sustainability

Concrete sustainability and carbon reduction is being built into the DNA of Fibo Intercon. We have written a concrete sustainability e-book to help you understand the subject matter. We design our concrete batching plant with sustainability in mind.



No Payments for Twelve months


Return on investment less than twelve months


A positive cashflow

Fibo Collect

Build a concrete business second to none with Fibo Collect batching plant

The FS1200 and 1800 are ideal batching plant to be used to sell concrete to contractors and the general public. The software allows the customer to pay for the concrete, and it will then mixes and delivers the required concrete type and quantity to a truck or trailer.

High Quality Concrete Production

The Fibo Collect batching plant produces weight batched concrete using a cement pre-weight solution with a dosing accuracy of +- 1%.

Cloud Data Storage

The data for every batch of concrete is stored in the cloud. This means you have total and reliable trackability of every batch the plant produces. The data can be used to produce delivery notes and quality assurance accreditation documents.

Fresh Concrete Every Time

Concrete when and where you want it. No more waiting for a ready-mix truck and part load fees. You can help yourself and your customers save co2 emissions by dramatically reducing travel frequency and transport miles.

Built in Environmental Safety

Fibo collect has a built-in washing system and waste disposal plant. This means the plant will save cleaning time and any waste concrete is treated, while the dirty water is being sanitised and reused for another mix.

Positive Cashflow with Fibo Finance

Fibo finance allows you to buy the plant with a minimum down payment. This means every month will be a profitable month.


This concrete batching plant on a steel frame, and is ideal for the production of standard high-quality concrete, stabilised earth, and shotcrete concrete. The capacity is 10-45 m3 /hour for the production of standard high-quality concrete. For the production of stabilised earth concrete, a capacity of 50-80 m3 /hour is possible.

The pan mixer is equipped with adjustable mixing arms with robust mixing shovels and side scrapers, providing a short cycle time and a high, uniform concrete quality, which is ensured by the integrated control system.

Our FS models are a highly flexible solution that are fast and easy to erect. All you have to do is connect electricity, water, and any other equipment and fill sand and gravel in the hoppers.

The batching plant is a profitable investment, which will soon pay for itself and return a profit within one year.

All wearing parts are produced in robust materials and can be replaced separately, which minimises operating costs.

All of the plant components are easily accessible for facilitating daily cleaning, maintenance, and service.

To illustrate the savings by using a mobile concrete batching plant instead of buying ready mixed concrete. Fibo Intercon has developed a calculator where you can enter cost data for cement, and aggregates. You can then calculate your production costs and annual savings.

Key Benefits

  • Plug and go within a few hours. This means you can move the plant and set it up for full production in no time.
  • No civil engineering ramps or pits required. The plant sits on flat ground.
  • Four aggregate bins for greater output and material flexibility. A good solution for making concrete from recycled materials.
  • You have a proven money-making machine. The return on investment is between four and twelve months, depending on your production.
  • Hi dosing accuracy for certified concrete. As standard, the plant has a  +- 3% accuracy and conforms to BS8500 and EN 206 standard tolerances. The plant can be improved to +- 1% with the addition of the pre-cement weight hopper.
  • Design life span of 15 years. We have plant making customers good profits that are over 25 years old giving a very high return on investment.
  • Very reliable. Our batching plants are built using high-quality materials and equipment. The design is simple, and they keep going with the minimum of repairs and maintenance. Extended design life and minimum maintenance deliver high profits.
  • Fibo LINK delivers high productivity and control. Fibo engineers can log in and see what is happening and can adjust the settings for optimised productivity.
  • The system gives you quality tolerance and maintenance alerts ensuring your machine continues to deliver high-quality concrete, with no return loads.
  • Built-in GPS gives you greater security. You know where your plant is located, a great benefit when you are running several plants.
  • Ideal batching plant for ready-mix concrete production, making concrete from recycled demolition materials, soil/cement mixing.


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Typical Layout

Semi Mobile Batching Plant F2200

Fibo Collect Plant Layout

A typical layout includes the batching plant, cement silo, cement auger and a conveyor belt to discharge the concrete into a drum mixer, concrete skip or trailer. We have many layout solutions that we have designed over the years. The solution in the image is a typical fibo collect set up.


  1. Mixing bins
  2. Pan mixer
  3. Conveyor belt
  4. Cement silo
  5. Cement auger

Case Studies

Semi Mobile Batching Plant F2200

Stabilisation Belgium

A FS1800 concrete batching plant is used in Belgium to make a foundation stabilisation mix and is very popular. Contractors and the general public load up their trucks and trailers for foundation and road construction.


The key



Great economy

Low operating costs



Highly flexible and mobile solution



Easy to erect and make ready for production



The operating system requires no previous knowledge and can be delivered with the language version desired



Integrated operating system with a dosing accuracy of +/- 1-2 %



Easy to clean, maintain and service




Fibo intercon is the leading international mobile batching plant manufacturing company. We pride ourselves as being a world class company. With over 35 employees and a representative network in many countries. We develop, manufacture and deliver mobile, semi-mobile and stationary batching plants as well as production equipment and complete production systems.

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