Bulk Handling

We have many bulk handling solutions for your concrete production.

Bulk Handling

We manufacture a range of bulk handling plant and equipment including:

  • Belt Conveyors
  • Cement Silos
  • Aggregate Dosing
  • Silo Systems
  • Augers
  • Apron Conveyors


Belt Conveyors

Our Aluminium belt conveyors are available mounted on either wheels, height-adjustable legs or a frame with draw hook. All conveyors are delivered complete with drum motor, integrated gearbox, inlet and outlet funnel, safety limit switch and lift- ing devices for easy transportation.

Often a belt conveyor can be transported on top of a concrete batching plant, and conveyors in lengths of more than 8 m can be folded for further reduction of transport costs.

The belt conveyors are controlled by the batching computer in the concrete batching plant.


Cement Silos

We manufacture a range of cement silos including:

  • The Big Bag Cement Silos
  • Vertical Cement Silos
  • Horizontal Cement Silos


Aggregate Dosing

We manufacture a range of aggregate dosing machinery and plant including:

  • Belt Feeders
  • Batching Gates
  • Weight Belts
  • Weighing Bridge Hoists


Cement Silo System

We manufacture a large range cement silo systems including:

  • Bucket Elevators
  • Loading Bins
  • Silo Control Systems


Industrial Augers

We manufacture a range of industrial augers including:

  • Cement Augers
  • Screw Conveyors

Our cement augers transport cement from our big bag silo, horizontal silos and vertical silos. The augers are connected to the fibo batching plant and controlled by the onboard software. Inside the cement hopper on the batching plant is a vane switch. When the cement on the vane switch prevents it from turning the motor on the auger is switched off. As soon as the cement level falls and the vane switch begins to rotate, the software will trigger the motor on the auger to send cement to the batching hopper. The auger has three settings, on, off and automatic.

Cement augers in the standard dimensions Ø193 and Ø219 and with lengths between 3.5 – 4.5 m. We also offer customised cement augers on request.

All augers are delivered complete with either flange or universal ball joint inlet, flange for butterfly valve, cylindrical outlet, inspection hatch under inlet, reduction gearbox with electric motor at inlet end, flexible hose connection and electric cable with CE plug.

Screw conveyors are supplied as tubular or trough conveyors in all dimensions and materials.

All screw conveyors are designed for closed conveying of bulk materials such as cement, coal, sand, ash, slag, clinker, etc.

A special intermediate axle bearing is mounted in long screw conveyors.


Apron Conveyor

We supply steel apron conveyors for the transport of materials that are too hot to transport on rubber belts.