Belt conveyors

Belt conveyors are produced as ordinary or insulated belt conveyors.

Belt conveyors from fibo intercon are produced in the same high quality, known from all other products from fibo intercon. Insulated belt conveyors are specially designed for winter plants. Belt conveyors are offered with widths from 0.80 M – 1.2 M and lengths from 8 M – 14 M.

Aluminium belt conveyors

Length: 8-14m

We supply belt conveyorsin widths of 0.8m, 1m and 1.2m – and lengths of 8-14m.

Insulated belt conveyor

Length: 14m
1 x 14m belt conveyor covered with 60mm PU insulating plates. The belt conveyor is specially designed for fibo intercon’s winter plant.