Silo systems

Silo systems are produced in several variations by fibo intercon.

Silo systems from fibo intercon are well thought out and tested silo systems, which make work easier for you. All silo systems are produced in the same strong materials, so you only need to think about, what silo system suits you best. Silo systems from fibo intercon range widely from reception bins, in-line modular silo systems, and high silos.

Reception bins

Tailored solutions for recieving aggregate materials.

Conveyor systems

Conveyor belts and dsitributing belts for the transportation of aggregate materials.

Bucket elevators

Industrial-quality bucket elevators in several standard sizes.

In-line modular silos

In-line modular silos for filling with front-end loader etc.

In-line modular silo systems

We develop and manufacture tailored in-line modular silo systems.

Loading bins

Loading bin systems for the storage of aggregate materials.

High silos

Larger high silo systems with modular sides and detachable discharge cones.

Silo control systems

Tailored silo control systems for the control of material handling from reception bin to high silo.