Concrete Systems

We have the products for your concrete systems.

Concrete Systems

We manufacture a range of concrete systems including:

  • Precast Concrete machines
  • Concrete Transportation
  • Concrete Lifting Hook


Standard Concrete Spreader

Spreader for standard concrete.

We supply a standard concrete spreader with rubber belt extraction or with gate at the bottom of the container. The concrete container can be rotated 360 degrees and moved transversely to ensure that the whole casting area is covered.

The concrete spreader with bottom gate is equipped with a scraper at the outlet. The container can also be raised/lowered to allow the concrete to be spread at the required thickness.

We supply concrete spreaders in several sizes and with various options.


Lightweight Concrete Spreaders

Spreaders for lightweight concrete.

A rubber-coated roller doses the concrete. The roller can be adjusted steplessly depending on the required quantity of concrete.

The container is equipped with hydraulic gates along its entire width. These can be shut when the machine runs over openings in the elements, e.g. doors and windows.

The machine is equipped with a height-adjustable scraper for levelling the concrete before compression.


Hydraulic Tilt Tables

Stationary moulding tables with hydraulic tilt function for the production of concrete elements in all dimensions and shapes.  

The hydraulic tilting system is equipped with a flow divider to ensure that the telescopic cylinders lift the table evenly. The cylinders also run at low speed before the moulding table reaches its top position of 75 degrees. The hydraulic system is equipped with hose break valves to provide maximum safety.

The moulding tables are of a robust and stable design and covered with a finely pickled plate with excellent tolerances. 

We can supply hydraulic moulding tables in standard sizes or customised for each specific project.


Circulation Tables

We develop circulation tables customised for each project.

The circulation tables are supplied with integrated wheels or for transport on trestles.


Moulding Tilt Stations

fibo intercon develops and manufactures mechanical and hydraulic tilt stations for circulation tables.

The tilt stations erect the concrete elements after which they can be lifted off.


Concrete Lifting Hooks

We supply lifting hooks for casting into concrete elements (precast concrete), as one of our concrete solutions.

The hooks are produced in different sizes by fibo intercon and special hooks can be customized accordingly.

The hooks are tested for weight and pressure resistance during the lifting process of the concrete element and provide the required solution.

The steel used for producing the lifting hooks has the quality S235J2+N and S355J2+N.

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