Lightweight Concrete Spreaders

Lightweight Concrete Spreaders


The lightweight concrete spreader is used to mass produce lightweight concrete wall elements for modular building construction. The wall units are normally none loading bearing internal walls. A number of our customer run a lightweight wall production line together with a normal concrete line. This gives then the ability to manufacture both load bearing and non load bearing wall elements.

The machine is hydraulic giving it speed and accuracy. The machine comes with a vibrating scraper than give the concrete an initial finish before the vibrating roller is passed over the beds to give the final finish.

A rubber-coated roller doses the concrete. The roller can be adjusted depending on the required quantity of concrete.

The container is equipped with hydraulic gates along its entire width. These can be shut when the machine runs over openings in the elements, e.g. doors and windows.

The machine is equipped with a height-adjustable scraper for levelling the concrete before compression.



The concrete spreaders can be delivered with the following options:

  • Concrete distribution device in the container
  • Adjustable gate openings
  • The flow regulators can be equipped with an adjustable opening
  • Computer control – control of the machine’s settings depending on the selected type of concrete and element thickness
  • Distributor for a more uniform distribution of the concrete on the moulding table
  • Floor rails
  • Crane Rails


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