Concrete Transportation

Concrete transportation are produced as conveyor and crane systems.

Transporting concrete from fibo is fast and safe transportation of concrete, structured as automatic or manually controlled systems. Transportation is mono or duo-rail concrete conveyor systems with curves and points – or crane systems, including spreading and levelling concrete.

Concrete transportation

Concrete conveyors

Monorail and dourail concrete conveyors for the transportation of concrete.

Concrete transportation

Crane systems

Manual concrete crane with lowerable concrete bucket.

Concrete Transportation


Concrete Conveyor

Our concrete conveyor systems have been manufactured to ensure fast, automatic and safe transportation of concrete from the mixing unit to the casting location.

We supply mono or duo-rail concrete conveyor systems – also with curves and points.

The concrete bucket is available in several standard sizes with bottom gate or rotational emptying.

The conveyor carriage is delivered with a frequency-controlled speed which gives high speeds as well as soft starting and stopping.

Busbar system in closed synthetic profiles or with flat cable suspended in rail carriages


Aluminium Belt Concrete Transportation Conveyor

The Fibo aluminium belt conveyor is supplied in widths of 0.8 M and 1 M – and lengths of 8 – 14 M.

Our aluminium belt conveyor is especially suited to carry gravel, sand, lightweight aggregate and concrete mixes.

The conveyor is built on two strong aluminium profiles and all other parts are galvanised.

A plough scraper is fitted onto the conveyor belts, which ensures that the internal sides of the belts are kept clean. A band scraper, that scrapes material off the top side of the belts at the discharge point, is also fitted onto the belts.

All belt conveyors are delivered complete with drum motor with integrated gearbox, inlet and outlet funnel. The belt conveyors are also delivered with lifting eyes for easy transportation.

We can deliver belt conveyors with wheels, height-adjustable legs, frame with draw hook and cover.


Concrete Crane System

Manual concrete crane.

The concrete bucket can be lowered and used for spreading and levelling concrete. It can also be rotated 360 degrees for spreading over doors and windows.

We build the concrete cranes on order.

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