Concrete Bucket

Concrete Bucket



The Concrete Bucket is designed to pour concrete when attached to an excavator, forklift truck or crane. The concrete is discharged straight into the bucket from the concrete batching plant and poured into the required work area.

It is especially beneficial for precast concrete yards, small sites and civil engineering works, where a concrete skip or a concrete pump is not needed.

We manufacture concrete buckets in a broad range of shapes and sizes. The size of the bucket will depend on the size of your fibo batching plant. We manufacture concrete buckets in 0.8, 1.0, 1,5 m3 capacities.

The buckets can be moved from location to location by forklift truck, site transporter or a crane.

Discharge of the concrete can be by tipping the bucket or a bottom gate for the crane application.

Covers for the concrete bucket are optional.

To determine the best method to move mixed concrete around your site feel free to contact us. Our engineers have been designing concrete logistics for customers for many years and have lots of practical knowledge and experience. Our engineering staff can support you to make the right selection of concrete bucket or other concrete transportation solution.


Concrete Bucket


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