Concrete Wagon

Concrete Wagon



Concrete wagon for transporting and laying concrete in holes for embedding lifting brackets in 1200 mm elements. The wagon is battery powered with infinitely variable speed control. The stirrer is also battery operated.

Round concrete container equipped with electric stirrer to minimise precipitation. The container is mounted on a turntable which means it can be manually rotated.

The stirrer can be removed for cleaning. The concrete wagon has a built-in charger for charging batteries. The outlet of the wagon is provided with a removable tube for cleaning. The outlet is with manual closing damper. The driving frame is equipped with lifting hooks for crane lifting between casting lines.

You can move the concrete bucket in three ways:

  • Use the motor running on the rails
  • Lift it using the overhead crane and built in lifting hooks
  • Lift and move it with a forklift truck

The concrete wagon is a very flexible tool for removing redundant production concrete and cleaning the plant and floors at the end of a production run.

If you would like to learn more about the concrete wagon or other methods of concrete transportation then feel free to make contact with us.

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Concrete Wagon


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