Big Bag Silos



Vertical cement silo in fully welded construction with height-adjustable support legs.

Designed for easy flowing materials such as Portland cement or lime with a bulk density of 1.13 tonnes/m3.

Delivered complete with cement auger, counterweight for cement auger, cone with outlet flange, top hatch, grid for cement inlet, control unit, lifting devices and lifting device for transportation with a forklift truck.

The big bag silo is ideal for small concrete batching set ups. For mobile batching plant when you want to move it from site to site for a fast set up and go the big bag silo does the job.

To learn more book a call and we can discus the big bag silo and other options that may suit your needs.


The Big Plant Silo Includes:

  • Cement auger Ø193 x 3.5 m Counterweight for cement auger
  • Cone with outlet flange
  • Top hatch
  • Grid for cement inlet
  • 1 Cutter for big bags
  • 1 Vibrator
  • Control unit
  • A set of electrical wiring and connection Platform (required EU safety standard)



The big bag silo can be delivered with the following options:

  • Vibrator
  • Cutter for big bags
  • Frequency converter
  • Remote control

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Plug and Go

Fibo batching plant is plug and go. This means set up is simple and fast. if you want to move the plant to another location, it can be moved, set up and in full production within a few hours. Watch the video.


Fibo intercon is the leading international mobile batching plant manufacturing company. We pride ourselves as being a world class company. With over 35 employees and a representative network in many countries. We develop, manufacture and deliver mobile, semi-mobile and stationary batching plants as well as production equipment and complete production systems.

The key



Great economy



Easy to make ready for production



Controlled by the batching computer in the concrete batching plant


Low operating costs



Easy to clean, maintain and service