Vertical Silo


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Vertical Cement Silo



fibo intercon supplies vertical cement silos with capacities between 15 and 57 m³.

The cement silos are fully welded constructions and can be filled by big bags or cement tanker.

Fully welded construction with support legs. Designed for filling with big bags with easy flowing material with a density up to 1,6 t/m³ e.g. Portland cement with a bulk density of 1,13 t/m³.

The following equipment is included: 60o cone with Ø300 MM outlet with flange matching butterfly valve and Ø219 cement auger, flange on silo top for cement dust filter, flange for over-/ under pressure valve, 4” injection pipe with a 90o standard bend internally lead to the top of the silo, 4” thread connection for the tank coupling, 1⁄2” inside pressure air pipe to silo top,

6 hole punches for air pads, 1 1⁄2” inside pipe to silo top for electric cables, 1 1⁄2” RG muffs for full/empty level switch, 2 lifting points, transport fittings, and legs support plates.



fibo intercon vertical cement silos can be delivered with a number of options.  Choice of options depends on the shape and purpose of the silo. Please contact us for further information.

Examples of options:

  • Vibrators
  • Air nozzles
  • Air compressor
  • Gangway between silos
  • Ladder
  • Service platform


Equipment for cement silos

Set of equipment

  • Butterfly vent

  • Level reporters

  • Over-/under pressure vent

  • Silo pressure reporter

  • Closing vent on feed pipe of silo

  • MVE 100/3 type motovibrator

  • Air pads for cement pouring improvement

  • 4” coupling for truck connection

  • 13 M self-cleaning filter with automatics, Ø600


For our stationary batching plants, we sell silo equipment individually. The range of equipment depends on the silo and project type.

Please contact us for further information.


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Vertical silo
Vertical silo


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Can be moved between building sites as required



Easy to erect and make ready for production



Controlled by the batching computer in the concrete batching plant


Low operating costs



Easy to clean, maintain and service



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