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Sell Concrete to Your Customers

Corporate ready mix companies dominate the market.

Builders merchants have a large customer base selling a large range of construction products to contractors and the domestic construction market.

Builders merchants buy sand, aggregate and cement in large quantities using their buying power and are missing an opportunity.

The difference in the margin to make concrete and to buy corporate ready-mix is about 25%.


The Opportunity

This difference in margin allows builders merchants to take market share from the corporate ready-mix companies and make an additional margin.

Builders merchants have yards with space to locate a mini concrete batching plant and the investment is small.

A Fibo Batching Plant can produce up to between 10 to 40 m³ of high-quality concrete per hour.

The batching plant can store up to 60 concrete mixes and can change from one concrete mix to another with the click of a button.

The quality of the concrete matches the quality of any ready-mix plant and conforms to BS 8500, EN 206.

A daily sale of 3-5m³ gives you a good ROI and selling more will just provide you with greater margin.


Builders Merchant Concrete Batching Software

Fibo have developed special software that allows a customer to buy and collect any mix and quantity of concrete automatically.

The customer can either pay inside the store or pay with a credit card at the payment terminal placed just next to the plant.. The customer then takes his wagon, truck or trailer to the mixer discharge point.

When the code is entered into the control panel of the batching plant, the plant will batch the correct concrete mix and quantity and discharge it into the awaiting transport.

Large quantities of concrete can also be loaded into drum mixers to deliver to the customer as ready-mix.

The software makes selling concrete to your customer very easy.


Precast Products

Purchase some interlocking block moulds and cast blocks for sale. Interlocking blocks can be used to build material bays for materials, retaining walls, building walls for agriculture, security walls, blast walls, river erosion walls and lots more.

There is a market for interlocking blocks and they can be made during times when your yard is not busy. 


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Ready Mix Concrete Production and Fibo LINK 

Introducing Fibo LINK – Stay in control of your concrete production reduce operational cost, improve productivity and make more money.

Fibo LINK is state of the art cloud-based concrete batching plant control system. It has been developed over a two-year period from consulting with concrete mix design and quality assurance professionals.

The software controls the batching process of the fibo concrete batching plant with the added benefits of sending all the data from each batch to the cloud database.

With Fibo LINK the batching plant has many benefits including:


  • In-time quality control using material tolerance alerts
  • In-time stock control
  • Remote programming of mix designs
  • Remote operation of the plant
  • Remote production optimisation using fibo engineers via the internet
  • GPS Location for security
  • Batch data cloud storage
  • Automated customer documentation
Builders Merchant Concrete

About Fibo Batching Plant

Fibo intercons concrete batching plant is the best avalible on the market, it is a well thougt out solution, designed to provide optimum flexibility, performance and operating efficiency.

It does not require a cast foundation, it can be placed on any even surface.

Our concrete batching plants are designed and built to a very high standard, so it will last more than fifteen years – this insures a very high return on your investment.

Fibo Intercon supply a large range of high quality concrete batching plant with a dosing accuracy of +-3% for standard machines and +-1% for our pre-weighing machines..

Below you can see a small selection of our standard machines, there can be set up and ready to go within two hours.

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Capacity: 4-5m3/hour
Mini Viking is the ideal solution for small and medium-sized construction projects.


Capacity: 10-16m3/hour
B1200 is a compact, mobile batching plant assembled on a joint twin-axle bogie trailer.

Remote Site Concrete Production


Capacity: 25-45m3/hour
M2200 is a mobile batching plant assembled on a joint triple-axle bogie trailer with turn able front axle.

Remote Site Concrete Production


Capacity: 25-60m3/hour
T2200 is a mobile batching plant assembled on a common twin-axle step frame semi trailer.

Horizontal & Vertical Silos

Capacity: 15-66m3
Fibo intercon supplies big bag silos as well as vertical and horizontal cement silos.

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