Effective and flexible wash of the Pan Mixer



In the hustle of daily operations, the automatic washing function proves to be a time-saving boon. This feature enables seamless transitions between the production of different concrete types and mortar, preventing contamination from residues of the previous mix. In the context of fibo Collect plants, where each mix often follows a unique recipe, this functionality becomes a critical advantage, ensuring that customers consistently receive the desired quality.

Whether you have your own plant on-site, the washing function remains pivotal. It efficiently removes most residues from daily mixes, expediting end-of-day cleaning. The result is a substantial time and cost-saving measure.

fibo’s pan mixer incorporates high-pressure nozzles with a swivel function. This user-friendly design allows you to precisely position the nozzles for optimal outcomes. While all nozzles come pre-set to fibo’s recommendations, adjusting them to suit your specific needs is effortlessly achieved.

Investing in a fibo plant means investing in operational excellence. The automatic washing function not only enhances productivity but also aligns with industry trends prioritizing efficiency and quality. We believe this feature is a game-changer, ensuring your mixing process remains streamlined and tailored to your requirements.

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