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Offer end on the 30th September 2020

3 Years of Optimised Concrete Production On NEW Plant Sales

We have designed our Summer 2020 special OFFER to give you 3 years of optimised concrete production.

We not only give you free spare parts, tool kit and an extended warranty, we will support you to optimise your production for real profit growth using Fibo LINK.

Buy a new fibo batching plant and get this great productivity package for FREE. Offer ends 30th September 2020.

What do you get?

  • 3 year warranty
  • Maintenance toolkit
  • 2 spare part kits
  • FREE use of Fibo LINK for 3 Years
  • Full plant and maintenance training
  • Full maintenance manual
  • Training videos

Our engineering staff have many years experience in concrete plant production optimisation.

With Fibo LINK they can log onto your plant and support you.

An optimised batching plant with give you a competitive edge and save you money from lost production and losses from production waste.

Working together is best for your profitability.

Spare Parts and Toolkit

Spare Parts Toolkit

Concrete Batching Plant Software

Spare Parts


Fibo LINK is our state of the art software program that controls the batching plant and works with batching plant data. Fibo LINK has taken over two years to develop and is unique for Fibo Intercon mobile and semi mobile batching plants. Fibo LINK will help you make more money from systemising and optimising your concrete production.

What you get with Fibo LINK

  • You can log in and add new mixes remotely.
  • Tolerance alerts are sent via mobile or PC to ensure high-quality concrete production.
  • Check and adjust settings remotely.
  • Check and optimise productivity remotely.
  • Check material stocks.
  • Our engineers can log in and support you.
  • Get maintenance alerts and reduce your down time.
Concrete Batching Plant Software

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