Wind Farm  Foundation Solution

Concrete production in remote locations

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Wind Farm Foundation

Remote Sites Can Be a Challenge

The location of wind farms is generally remote with no concrete batching plant in the area. This can be a challenge for civil engineering contractors.

Fibo Intercon mobile batching plant is an ideal solution. Whether the quantity is 300 m3 or 1500 m3 of concrete required per pour.

Fibo has a batching plant solution to deliver the concrete on demand.

The Fibo solution can be far more economical than traditional batching plants and can be setup under a day.

No ramps or pits, the plant sits on flat ground.

The concrete is high quality with weight batching, and with Fibo LINK every batch is stored in the cloud. The data can then be printed out as delivery and conformity documents for every batch.

We are trusted  by more than 700 owners of concrete mobile batching plants all over the world
because we help them grow their business every day.

Most Popular Concrete Batching Plant to View

The batching plants below are our best sellers. The F2200 has an output of between 30 and 45m³/hr and when the plant is doubled up it can deliver between 60 to 90 m³/hr. The B1800 is very popular mobile batching plant. The output of the B1800 is between 20 to 30m³ per hour. The B1200 is very similar to the B1800. The output of the B1200 is between 10 to 16m³ per hour. As you can you have a great range to have a look at. Book a call.

Plug and Go

Fibo batching plant is plug and go. This means set up is simple and fast. if you want to move the plant to another location, it can be moved, set up and in full production within a few hours.

The  has Fibo LINK built in. Fibo LINK is our state of the art software that controls the plant. All batching data is stored in the cloud.

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